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Pre-owned Branson 20kHz & 40kHz Converters

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Model # For Use With:
CJ-20 & CR-20

For use with ALL 2000 series & 2000X Models

922JA 920 D/M (2000 watt) power supplies and the 920IW or IW+ model presses
902J 905,910 D/M (500 and 1000 watt) power supplies and 910 IW or IW+ model presses
803 converter 187P power supply (with the 801 actuator) and the model 8700 press
802 converter 186P power supply (with the 801 actuator) and model 8600 press. Can also be used as a heavy duty 402 converter.
Model K 227 stand and J32A power supply
Model J 125 stand and J17A or J32A power supply
102 converter 182/184 V or P 450/900 watt 20 kHz power supply
103 converter 187P 1500 watt 20 kHz power supply
105 converter 188P 1800 watt 20 kHz power supply
108 converter 186P 1400 watt 20 kHz power supply
402 converter 182 & 184 V/P power supply also press models 8200 and 8400
502 converter 188P/1170P/1300P (with 501 or 851 actuator), Press models 5170, 8800, 930AE/AES with the 930M/MA power supply.
4TJ converter use with all 40 kHz Branson welders (most require use of the adapter sleeve)
4TR converter 40 kHz converter with military style connector 4MB4, 4MB3, 4MC3, 943, 947
4TP converter 40 kHz converter with SHV connector
Adapter Sleeve used to fit a 40 kHz stack assembly into a 20 kHz actuator

Sonitek also has in limited quantity the following converters: 102S, 108, 4TS with cable.

All used converters have warranties ranging from "As Is" to One year depending upon model and application.

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